My Story
I have passion for design, branding, trends, 
colors, and creative solutions.
I believe by using the design we are able to change services, products, brands, behaviors, trends, and the world around us. I use design methodologies in my projects as the main tool to draw strategy and creativity.

Acredito que através do design podemos transformar serviços, produtos, marcas, comportamentos, tendências e o próprio mundo em nossa volta. Utilizo os métodos de design como principal ferramenta criativa e estratégica em meus projetos.

Credo che utilizzando il design siamo in grado di trasformare servizi, prodotti, marchi, comportamenti, tendenze e il mondo che ci circonda. Utilizzo delle metodologie di design nei miei progetti come strumento principale per designare strategia e creatività.
My Experience
Exceptional collaborative and interpersonal skills: dynamic leadership with well-developed written, verbal communication, strong decision-making and problem-solving abilities.

15+ years experience in design and creative direction, bringing a proven knowledge of concept strategy, vision, communication, and management with an emphasis on retail and service brands.
10+ years experienced creative leader with expertise in delivering award-winning ideas for global brands and the people who matter to them. Solid knowledge using Design Thinking, Service Design and UX methods, and Personas Journey Map and AI strategic tools.

Extensive experience managing teams of diverse personalities in deadline-driven environments, establishing employee career development plans, leading cross-functional team collaboration, and developing industry outreach opportunities.
My Skills
I hold a Master’s diploma in Strategic Design and have a total work experience of 14 years. I am well versed in different areas of marketing, design and have successfully ideas for digital brand content, social community strategy and marketing research.
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