My research led me to the ancient Rome, where I found out how the romans used to manufacture their bricks. Interestingly, the process used by the romans is the same method to produce ecological bricks in nowadays, furthermore, some of those ancient bricks had the same structural shape that the modern ecological bricks have. These pieces of information has inspired me to start thinking in a concept that could convey historical facts and the company identity
Natural as the Earth

Mattone di Terra was the name of the famous roman bricks which were the main material used to build things by the romans. They were made of water and earth after that, they were usually kept in water in order to become more resistant to humidity. All the building, churches and temples dated from romans’ time, were preserved by this manufacturing technology. Mattoni was the word that has inspired us to create an unique and different business in Ribeirão Preto.

Our goal was to valuate this HIGH TECHNOLOGY used by the romans, and to adapt it to a new language and features. Thus, we gave to the architects and engineers a new ecological way to build things. We build in a ECO-INNOVATIVE way.

Natural Technology

The ecological bricks or sustainable bricks are so called because they allow the use of sands, waste of steelworks and petrochemical materials that, through the usage of cement and water produces standardized and highly resistant bricks’ pieces. The bricks can be manufactured in own working place and do not need an oven, ensuring the ecological protection of forests. The quality, resistance and safety are other advantages of our bricks, being approved by the international engineering and construction standards of security and risk.

The Mattoni develops bricks that cater for all kinds of constructions, from a simple home until a building. According to studies conducted in Brazil, the construction’s system
of the ecological bricks brings to the work of 20% up to 40% savings compared to conventional bricks’s building system. The benefits are not just for the environment but, for comfort, aesthetics and more interesting for saving money. We built so ECO-NATURAL

Beautiful as the nature

Our production’s technology has been structured and studied for more than 25 years to provide a safe, practical and innovative product. Aesthetically the brick was developed to make it more easy the construction’s projects, as well as electrical plan, thermal insulation and finishes. It is a lightweight and very visually pleasing brick for any project.

The bricks of Terra di Mattone go beyond their functionality as building objects. They have some features that come from their own raw material used in their
production. It is natural thermal insulators and moreover their design was studied to accommodate different needs of the most assorted projects. The design of our bricks allows easily to put a switch, to accommodate comfortably wiring and to prevent cracks and latches. We built so ECO-DESIGN.
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